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Enterprise is a business accelerator program, funded & managed by True North Associates, in order to help growth stage Nepali companies fine-tune their business model, receive funding from investors and move to the next level of business growth. Enterprise was established by NYEF and is the first business accelerator led & operated by the private sector in Nepal.

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Enterprise provides 12-week mentorship based programs

to a small number of carefully selected companies looking to grow their businesses and attract new investors. The program gives companies an opportunity to work with industry experts. The program aids the growth of the company through:


We provide a platform that connects companies with potential investors. Through the course of this program we help these companies prepare their financial model and make them ready for investment.


Our web of network expands to professionals and investors from different background and banks, government bodies and different organizations. They have an opportunity to tap into our network and build mutually beneficial partnerships.


We bring in industry experts with years of experience in various fields to conduct sessions throughout the program. The participants receive fundamental knowledge to optimize their businesses and differentiate themselves in their respective market.


The program equips the participants with the necessary tools through which the founders identify their core competencies that they can develop and weaknesses that they need to address. It is a hands-on experience.


We help the companies reassess their business model to align with their vision and objectives. We guide them to plan their finances for the long run and provide them with detailed legal consultation. As a result, the companies are able to manage their resources to achieve a sustainable growth.

For the first eight weeks of the program companies work extensively with experienced mentors to fine-tune their business models, study relevant market segments, and build strong financial plan.
The last four weeks are dedicated to helping companies prepare comprehensive and impressive investment pitch suitable for various investor networking sessions.The program culminates with a Demo Day where the companies will present their business plan to a select group of banks, angel investors, venture capital funds, private equity funds and our other partners.


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Is Enterprise for your company?

The program looks for companies that have a strong desire to scale. Ideally, the companies would have been in operation for atleast 3 years, the industry should have market opportunity, companies should be looking to scale up their business, must be looking for financing, a good founding team and must be able to expand their business at accelerated pace post investment.

Do you represent or know such companies?

1st business accelerator led and operated by the private sector in Nepal.


The program provides an elite group of carefully hand-picked mentors from varied areas that participants can seek help from. Each company is assigned one primary mentor, usually matched with the type of industry they are in. Enterprisers in the past have drawn tremendous value through these mentor sessions.

Ajay Pradhanang

Anand Bagaria

Dileep Agrawal


Enterprise brings together professionals from different areas to help you shape your strategy and processes in different functional areas of your company. The instructor sessions which occur each week focuses on training and providing personal coaching on different facets of running a growth company.

Abhaya Poudel

Ajay Shrestha

Amod Rajbhandari


Enterprise has successfully conducted two batches of its program. The batch includes companies from diverse background which are now doing significantly well. The mentorship and the guidance they received from the experts have allowed them to manage their companies with good governance.


A Guide to Innovation

The word Innovation in it’s simplest term means to create something new. There are lot of companies that toil to innovate with hopes that their product will potentially disrupt the market.

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A Discussion on The Basics of Fundraising

This is an excerpt from the panel discussion organized by Enterprise on “Basics of Fundraising” at Calm Restaurant. The panelists included: Mr. Suman Joshi, Managing Partner at True North Associates Mr. Anand Bagaria, Managing Director of Nimbus Holdings Mr. Sameer...

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Mr. Hem Raj Dhakal’s Guide for Entrepreneurs.

This is an excerpt from the session on “Scaling-Up Businesses” at Chandragiri Hills where Mr. Hem Raj Dhakal, MD, IME Group shared his entrepreneurial journey of transforming IME Group from a money transfer service to a multi-vertical group present in diverse sectors....

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My Reflections on Enterprise

Ashish Bdr. Singh, August 25, 2017  In the August of 2014, I had to make a very important decision that would determine the trajectory of my life then onwards- to either focus on my aviation career or to leave everything and start from scratch. Choosing the latter one...

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Developing A Product The Customers Want

Shree Krishna Subedi, August 18, 2017 A value is created when the company creates goods or provides services to solve the problem faced by customers. A value proposition is a promise by a company, a promise of the value to be delivered. It is essential to first...

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