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Enterprise, One to Watch‘s flagship business accelerator program, aims to help growth stage Nepalese companies fine-tune their business models, receive funding from investors, and move to the next level of business growth.

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Enterprise provides 12-week mentorship based programs

to a small number of carefully selected companies looking to grow their businesses and attract new investors. For the first eight weeks of the program, the companies work extensively with experienced mentors and industry experts to fine-tune their business models, study relevant market segments, and build a strong financial plan.

Our Value Proposition


We provide a platform that connects companies with potential investors. Through the course of this program we help these companies prepare their financial model and make them ready for investment. One to Watch has just launched a EUR 20 million fund. Our intention with the accelerator program is to build a pipeline of companies for the NIIC 2 fund to invest in.


Our network expands to professionals and investors from different backgrounds, financial institutions, government bodies, and different organizations.


We bring in industry experts with years of experience in various fields to conduct sessions throughout the program. The participants receive fundamental knowledge to optimize their businesses and differentiate themselves in their respective markets.


The program equips the participants with the necessary tools through which the founders identify their core competencies. The program is built on providing useful tools to entrepreneurs to help them scale their businesses.


We help companies reassess their business models to align with their visions and objectives. We provide financial and legal planning consultations to participating companies.

Demo Days

The last four weeks are dedicated to helping companies prepare comprehensive and impressive investment pitches. The program culminates with Demo Days where the companies present their business plans to a selected group of banks, angel investors, venture capital funds and, private equity funds. The Demo-Days are planned in 3 cities Kathmandu, Amsterdam, and London. The companies in the program get a chance to pitch to a global audience.


The program provides an elite group of carefully hand-picked mentors from varied areas that participants can seek help from. Each company is assigned one primary mentor, usually matched with the type of industry they are in. Enterprisers in the past have drawn tremendous value through these mentor sessions.

Ajay Pradhanang

Anand Bagaria

Dileep Agrawal


Enterprise brings together professionals from different areas to help you shape your strategy and processes in different functional areas of your company. The instructor sessions which occur each week focuses on training and providing personal coaching on different facets of running a growth company.

Abhaya Poudel

Ajay Shrestha

Amod Rajbhandari


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