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Enterprise is a business accelerator program, funded & managed by True North Associates, in order to help growth stage Nepali companies fine-tune their business model, receive funding from investors and move to the next level of business growth. Enterprise was established by NYEF and is the first business accelerator led & operated by the private sector in Nepal.

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Enterprise provides 12-week mentorship based programs

to a small number of carefully selected companies looking to grow their businesses and attract new investors. The program gives companies an opportunity to work with industry experts to:

✓ Reassess their business models
✓ Re-align their vision and objectives
✓ Plan their finances
✓ Get legal consultation
✓ Develop internal resources to target a high level of growth

For the first eight weeks of the program companies work extensively with experienced mentors to fine-tune their business models, study relevant market segments, and build strong financial plan.

The last four weeks are dedicated to helping companies prepare comprehensive and impressive investment pitch suitable for various investor networking sessions.

The program culminates with a Demo Day where the companies will present their business plan to a select group of banks, angel investors, venture capital funds, private equity funds and our other partners.


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Is Enterprise for your company?

The program looks for companies that have a strong desire to scale. Ideally, the companies would have been in operation for 4 years, the industry should have market opportunity, companies should be looking to scale up their business, must be looking for financing, a good founding team and must be able to expand their business at accelerated pace post investment.

Do you represent or know such companies?

1st business accelerator led and operated by the private sector in Nepal.


The program presents an elite group of carefully hand picked mentors, through whom companies can seek help in all areas of the business. Each company is assigned one primary mentor usually matched with the type of industry they are in. Enterprisers in the past have drawn tremendous value through these mentor sessions.

Ajay Pradhanang

Anand Bagaria

Dileep Agrawal


Enterprise brings together professionals from different areas to help you shape your strategy and processes in different functional areas of your company. The instructor sessions which occur each week focuses on training and providing personal coaching on different facets of running a growth company.

Abhaya Poudel

Ajay Shrestha

Amod Rajbhandari


The program looks for companies that have a strong desire to scale. Ideally, the companies would have been in an operation for 2 years and would have shown considerable market opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive various enquiries about the program. We have tried to answer most of the common questions here.

How can we apply for the program?

Please click here to apply.


When will the program run?

For 2017, the application process is open from May 24th to July 7th. From July 8th to July 31st our team works endlessly to finalize the participating teams for the program.
The tentative dates for the program are from 1st August to November 24th. (We will break for Dashain and Tihar holiday between the program)

Does Enterprise invest in the companies that they accept in the accelerator program?

The primary purpose of the program is to create investment ready company. Once the Companies are investment ready, True North Associates, the Investment Company that funds & manages the Enterprise Program, invests in companies if the companies fit their investment objective.

How much investments can we expect after the program?

We are looking for companies who are seeking to raise between 1 Crore to 5 Crores of growth capital from our investors at the end of our program.

How many people from our company can participate?

One person and must be the company’s founder.

How much does the program cost?

The overall fee of the program is NPR 150,000.

We are not looking for investment. Can we still apply?

No. The accelerator program aims to speed up the growth process by helping companies raise capital from investors and overcome issues within their business models.

What are the main benefits of being a part of Enterprise?


What are Business Accelerator Programs?

In Nepal, especially, innovators and entrepreneurs are not adequately equipped with skills, knowledge or network to grow their businesses. This is where business accelerators come in, offering a range of support services, funding opportunities and networking opportunities.

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