How can we apply for the program?


Please click hereto apply.


When will the program run?

The application process for the fourth batch will open soon.
The tentative dates for the program have been set from August to November with Dashain and Tihar breaks in between.


Does Enterprise invest in the companies that they accept in the accelerator program?

The primary purpose of the program is to create investment-ready companies and allow the companies to pitch their businesses to a large number of investors at Demo Day. True North Associates, the Investment Company that funds & manages the Enterprise Program, also invests in the companies if the companies fit their investment objectives.


How much investments can we expect after the program?


The program will help you come up with a financial projection. Based on the financial projection, our partners may offer to take up to 49% stake in your company.

Generally, each investment is worth2 to 3 crores.



Will we need to write a business plan?


Although a business plan will help us assess your commitment and vision for the company, it is not a requirement for the program. In the program you will be guided to prepare a Business Model Canvas which will help you reassess and think of your business plan in a greater detail.

What if someone steals my business idea?

All mentors, instructors and the companies in the program will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). However, this does not necessarily ensure that your idea will not ever get discussed in public.

We believe that more than idea, execution is the key to succeed with every business venture. Your ability to execute and deliver on plans and ideas that you have will only be better after the program.

Do you enroll more than one business operating in the same industry at the same time?

Yes. But, only if the businesses have distinct products/services offering. Each business will be judged on their own merits to determine if they would be a good fit for Enterprise.

How many people from our company can participate?

One person, and must be the company’s founder.


How can we attract investors through Enterprise Nepal Business Accelerator Program?

Throughout the program participating companies have the opportunity to refine their business plans to become attractive to potential investors. In addition, the accelerator program concludes with a Demo Day, where, companies are given the opportunity to present their business plans to the investors. Even after the Demo Day, alumni companies can access Enterprise’s resources and reach out to investors.

How much does the program cost?

The overall fee of the program is NPR 150,000.

How is the money spent?

The money is spent on the participants themselves. We use the money to hire professionals in order to conduct the Due Diligence Audit (DDA) of the participants. Moreover, the sessions provided by highly skilled instructors from different areas of expertise have to be managed as well. The networking sessions of lunches and dinners are also a significant part of the expenses. The money is also used to finance the expenses of the demo day. We also hire professionals in order to produce videos of the participating companies which can be used later during the Demo Day and elsewhere as well.

Is there a minimum age for the participants to be eligible for this program?

Priority is usually given to applicants aged between 25-40 years. However, a business’s age and future potential are our prime interests.

We are not looking for investment. Can we still apply?

No. The accelerator program aims to speed up the growth process by helping companies raise capital from investors and overcome issues within their business models.

What are the main benefits of being a part of Enterprise?

Enterprise helps make businesses investment ready by developing internal resources, reassessing business models and realigning company goals. The wide network of industry experts allows participants to not only lead the company with good governance but also helps them form connections that they can use later on.

We are also available on Facebook if you have any other questions.